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Tick Tock

Time is a crazy thing.  It's the essence of life, yet it effects you differently in each stage of life.  As a young child, a day seems like an eternity and it's sometimes measured by the slow moving moments like waiting to be picked up at carpool or the time between "snack and pack" and the dismissal bell.  My 4 year old would refer to something that happened last week as yesterday and any day in the future as tomorrow.

For me, as a 38 year old mom, wife and business owner, time is something I think about maybe a little too much, and in ways I wish I didn't.  Other than when I sleep, there is a rare hour in the day when I do not look at the clock.  I am constantly making decisions and fretting over those decisions based on time.  I actually lost my watch a few weeks ago and although I have several clocks in my house and a phone almost always within an arm's reach, I still felt uneasy not being able to check the time with a quick glance at my wrist.  I realiz…

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