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Summer of Magic

Well we are almost into October and Summer feels like a distant memory, but one that I am determined to hold onto.

Before we get to far along, I need to to mention a few highlights of last Spring...

Collier will hopefully be pushing a real one of these in a few years.  If daddy loves doing it, he loves doing it, so our yard should always be well manicured, thanks to my boys!
 Dance parties are what we love to do!

 Easter lunch with cousins!
Collier agreed to smile for the camera.  No tears!  Big moment.  We have reached a major turning point!
 Isabelle's dance recital.  Doesn't she shine?
Isabelle, aka "The Brick Wall," on the soccer field.  Another fun season on the Reds Soccer team.  It has been so fun (and amazing) to watch her improvement over the years.  She started at age 4, skipping and dancing down the field, trying her best to avoid the ball.  Now is so into it, so focused and intense!  Defense is her position of choice and she is determined not to let a b…

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