How to Make a Fish Cake....and other random things

Last week was a busy one, with lots of time in the bakement for both me and Isabelle! I guess this is Isabelle's world and we just live in it. We transformed one half of the bakement into her own little gated off play area so that she can watch me work (or more like me watch her play). It's not always easy to concentrate on my tasks while watching Isabelle, but I sure am grateful that we can spend time together!

She even has her own eggs to crack.Isabelle in her nursery...her smile is getting bigger (and whiter!) every day. About to crawl over the edge...hold up there, blue eyes!I {heart} IzzieOk, now for cake. Here are just some of the ingredients that go into a big ole' chocolate fish cake. About 3 lb of chocolate ganache (heavy cream and dark chocolate)...mmm.Lots of internet searches for Red Fish...doing this job without the internet would be almost impossible!The most crucial (and stressful) part - sculpting the cake. Icing the base (which is made to look like wood) that the fish will lay on.Covering it in fondant.Taking a break with baby. The hardest part of having her in the bakement is keeping myself from getting my hands all over her cuteness at all times (and being careful not to get chocolate all over her cute clothes)! She dresses much better than her mommy. One more layer of icing on the fish.
The fish on the base...the fun part now begins. I've painted the "wood" and covered the fish in fondant.Painted the fish.
Added the fins and the eyeball. Added piping gel to give the fish a glossy (slimy) look.
Yay! The fish made it to its final destination in Concord.
And so did the wedding cake. Congratulations Margaret and Waldo!
Isabelle has so many tricks up her sleeve...she counted to five, played cards and balanced a triangle on her head all at the same time.
A fun visit with Michael Shea! She has so many sweet boys in her life!
I have witnessed lots of sweet moments between Isabelle and Crockett but today was the best yet. Crockett is such a sweet "sister" and puts up with lots of eye poking, hairpulling and toy stealing. Now that Isabelle is on the move she is obsessed with taking Crockett's bone (I really don't blame a teething baby - it must look pretty good considering Crockett chews on it all day!). Today Isabelle seemed to finally realize just how soft Crockett's furry coat is. She found herself underneath Crockett (who was standing over her) and started swaying her head back and forth against Crockett's soft belly. Then Crockett laid down and Izzie made her way over to that sweet pup and gently rested her head on Crockett's furry bum. She kept sitting up and then laying her head on the dog over and over again, allowing me time to grab my camera and get a shot of the sweetness! Best buddies.


  1. Haines, you are incredible! I loved watching the proxies of making that fish...unbelievable!!!!
    Isabelle gets more Gorgeous everyday!

  2. OMG... that cake and those pictures of Isabelle are AMAZING!! That fish looked real... too perfect to eat for sure!! How in the world do you get all that done and with a precious little one?? YOU truly are SUPER MOM!! I cant get over how gorgeous Isabelle is... watch out BOYS!! xoxo

  3. Hi. I love you fish cake it looks so real. I have been given the challenge of creating a fish cake for lady at the end of the month and have been doing ALOT of research and was wondering how you created your scales on the fondant. I have been playing around a bit and the best way i have come up with is using a teaspoon upsidedown.


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